Key Features

  • Long Lasting Suction Power
  • Easy and Hygienic Emptying
  • HEPA 11 Filter


Long lasting Suction Power

Cyclone system efficiently separates dust from the clean air, enabling longer powerful suction. Unlike other bagless vacuum cleaners, dust is gathered into a simple single container before the air is filtered. Because of its unique structure, LG Kompressor® maintains it performance. It also spares the messy job of cleaning the filter.

2 Reasons To Buy

① Long lasting Suction Power
② Easy and Hygienic Emptying

HEPA 11 Filter

Four-layered carbon filter which traps harmful dust particles expels clean air.
① Deodorization Filter (Eliminating Odor)
② HEPA (Filtering micro-dust)
③ Mesh Filter (Anti-bacteria)
④ Filter Frame